Get Off the Pew and Get Into the Game

Oct 13, 2017 | 1 comment

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There are lots of events coming up with Pass the Salt. Get off the pew and get on board. Stop waiting for someone else to show up! You are the one who needs to show up! Get up and build the Kingdom with other like-minded people!

We have got to DO SOMETHING. How come we always see the same people at these events? Why aren’t there new people carrying the torch? Get up and get in the game. Start something WHERE YOU LIVE. Start to DO something for the Kingdom and BE a Christian in your area.

Stand your ground. Don’t back down. The lost get it. They understand that lines need to be drawn and standards need to be held up. They just don’t know what standards. JESUS IS THE STANDARD. DON’T BACK DOWN. STAND YOUR GROUND.

Hey, Pass the Salt!

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