Good Old-Fashioned Values

Sep 29, 2017 | 0 comments

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Daily Bible Reading:

We have to bring back the old-fashioned values. Our children are wayward because we did not train them up. We didn’t do our job, and they went off and are living in sin. When you allow rebellion, you get rebellion, that’s the way it works. It works from a country perspective, and it works in the family. Bring back the old-fashioned values through old fashioned discipline.

Tim Adams from California is LIVING his faith. He has been watching Coach for a year and is now fighting abortion in his town. He’s not only saving babies at the clinic, he is taking back the government. He is getting involved in political office and getting pastors involved.

The pastors are the ones who need to wake up, and Tim is waking them up. He has pastors preaching about abortion again, they are waking up to the evil in our nation and their OBLIGATION TO LEAD people to the fire. We must put out the fire of abortion, and we need to put it out now.

Men, stand up, go to the leaders around you and get them off their pew and into the fight.

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