Humanism is the Biggest Threat

Jan 23, 2018 | 0 comments

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Humanism is the most dangerous ideology to take hold in the West. Humanism is Luciferianism. The reason Satan was kicked out of heaven was pride. He wants, more than anything, to become God. Humanism is the exact. Same. Spirit. We are becoming gods and spitting in the face of God. You can only poke a bear so long until it smacks you around a bit. Get ready folks.

America is covetousness. We have mainstreamed the idea that covetousness is good. It’s everywhere. Get what you neighbor has, get the new car, get the rich to give to you. Our government is merely a covet machine that takes from those who earned and gives to those who did not. Covetousness is a sin. Covetousness is evil.

All of the conservative “Christian” leaders are compromised. Take your pick. Follow a leader, they are living in sin. They have kids outside of marriage. They are a homo. They are doing something. Every single “Leader” in the conservative movement has some serious idol in their life, what are we to do with that? Realize this folks, we need to wake up and realize the truth.

If someone does not profess Jesus Christ as Lord, they do not have the guiding of the Holy Spirit. They do not know Truth, and they will compromise at some point.

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