We do not know what happened in Las Vegas. We may never know, but we do know there are holes in the story. How could this have happened? How did a man, never having experience with guns, become and expert and able to shoot people from 800 yards away? Russ Dizdar has an answer. Demonic Ritual Abuse and Multiple Personalities.

See, people are abused with drugs, or through other means, and their personality breaks, and in comes a demon. These people are then crafted to be certain things. One of those things is a soldier of extreme skill. The original personality doesn’t know, but once the person is triggered, BOOM, out comes the Terminator.

These shootings, these events, there is no question there is demonic involvement. What is in question is whether it is on purpose, intentional, or just because in our day and age demonic forces are more prevalent. Trump is right, this is evil. It’s not crazy. It’s not an accident. It’s evil and demonic.

Listen to the whole story, use your brain, ask the right questions and you might, just maybe, find the truth.

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