We don’t know how to win. We don’t even expect to win. The military soldiers understand the principles of the battlefield. They’re self-disciplined. They know how to win.

Christians don’t know how to win. We don’t know how to fight. Christians say, “I read the Bible. Christians win in the end.” If that’s the truth, just let the devil have control over all of us.

It’s an honor to take on Jesus’ walk. To have no reputation. Jesus said, “Carry your cross. Die to yourself.”

What if you played as hard for the Lord as you play for you?  God needs warriors to occupy. We can’t understand sacrifice unless we know we’re in a spiritual battle. That’s the enemy trying to take you out of the game.

Instead, we need to believe that “He (God) teaches my fingers to war and my hands unto battle; the forces of darkness in this earthly realm.” Psalm 144:1

Find your destiny. Learn to win.

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