Love Tolerates No Vice

Feb 20, 2018 | 0 comments

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Tolerance of sin is wrong. It’s so simple and people still can’t understand it. Tolerating sin is utterly insane. We are living in a culture that not only tolerates sin, it is PROUD of it’s sin! WHEN WILL THE CHURCH SPEAK? WHEN WILL WE STAND UP FOR ANYTHING AT ALL?!?!?

Homosexuality is not a lifestyle, it’s not even reasonable, IT’S NOT EVEN LOGICAL ACCORDING TO EVOLUTION, THEIR OWN RELIGION!! HOW CAN THE CHURCH NOT SEE?!? The fact we keep our mouth’s shut and “Tolerate” homosex means nothing more than the church is worthless. The fact we can’t even label butt sex what it is, butt sex, and call it wrong, is unfathomable.

It is a Christians JOB to EXPOSE the works of darkness in themselves AND AROUND THEM. REPROVE THE WICKED BEHAVIOR AROUND YOU!

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