Men Sacrificing Themselves on the Altar to Feminism

Jan 18, 2018 | 0 comments

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White men are being destroyed by our culture. The school system is ripping apart the idea of masculinity. They are teaching in schools that masculinity is homophobia. I’ll say that one more time, real slow. The colleges are teaching. That. Masculinity. Is. Homophobia. Do you understand what is happening? DO YOU?

The Communists and Marxists have a team. It’s very clear who they are, everything connected to George Soros. Who is the Christian’s team? Where is our team? That’s right, it’s everywhere and too busy arguing with itself to do anything for the Kingdom. Satan’s best strategy is divide and conquer, the Church has been divided and is quickly being conquered.

Feminism destroys the family unit. Feminism is rebellion and merely the female representation of Satan’s pride. They seek to control the men, for it’s own sake, not for any magnanimous purpose. It’s is pride, and results in insanity.

Men must wake up and be men. Masculine virtues. Create men’s spaces. Get together with like-minded men to discuss REAL issues and fix REAL problems your life. Come up with solutions, don’t just talk for talk’s sake. Be righteous men of action.

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