NFL Free Speech?

Sep 25, 2017 | 0 comments

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The NFL knows what it is doing. They are tearing down another American institution that used to stand for some sort of virtue. Hard work and learning how to take the hits of life. As everything else in the country, anything masculine needs to be torn down. Therefore these players are being used as a divisive force in our country.

The NFL knows how to deal with these problems, they are choosing not to. The players fall under the authority of the organization while in uniform. They don’t have free speech rights. They have the rights of whatever the NFL allows them to do under their contract. You can’t talk against your employer while you work for them, that’s not free speech, that’s just stupid.

The Salt and Light Brigade is going forth in Texas and helping feed people, rebuild homes and churches, and creating lifelong bonds with people in despair. Through all the heartache and sadness people are sharing their life experiences, and helping others not to make the same mistakes they have. Such as having four abortions. One woman steps forward to give her testimony of having two of her kids die, and having 4 abortions in her past.

American is under God’s judgement due to our love of death. This love of death is shown clearly in Abortion and homo marriage. We love death, and are going full steam ahead into the jaws of Satan. America needs to repent, repent now, and recognize Jesus Christ is our savior from that love of death, and we need to join his Kingdom.

Hey! Pass the Salt!