Priesthood of All Believers

The Nicolaitans of Revelation 2:15 esteemed themselves higher than common believers. What is the work of the Nicolaitans? Lording themselves over the common believers. The Lord hates the behavior of these Nicolaitans. The mediatorial class (Nicolaitans) detroys the universal priesthood, in God’s economy. The Lord hates it.

Priesthood of all believers – In the proper order, all believers should be priests of God. Is there a mediator between us and the Lord, called a pastor? In the Church, today, here are two distinct classes – clergy and laity.  The top-down church is the evanjellyfish way. I don’t need a pastor. I need a group of men making me accountable. Our true subjugation is only to our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Tim. 2:5 shows that we have one mediator between us and God, and He is Jesus Christ.

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