God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. When you are bound by fear, you do not have a sound mind. Nothing great is ever accomplished with fear.

I was looking at Job 3, today. Job said, “The thing I greatly feared has come upon me.” Self-fulfilling prophecy. Face your fears. That’s what courage is all about.

There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. There’s something wrong with staying afraid.

Cowardice is the inability to act in the face of danger. Courage is the ability to overcome fear in the face of danger.

The righteous are as bold as lions. Evil men flee when there is no one in pursuit. Some of you have to get over your fear.

There’s nothing more oxymoronic than a cowardly Christian.

The world operates on fear. Christians cannot be fearful and be a Christian. The only fear we should have fear is the fear of death, and we are delivered from that fear in Christ.







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