Stillborn Christians think being a Christian is just saying a sinner’s prayer. We don’t just “find the Lord” when we become a Christian. God calls people and transform them into His image. Most “Christians” never die to self. A seed of life was planted in them, but the seeds were never watered and the plant never grew.

The Church is powerless. Could it be full of dead people, who are not truly growing by laying down their lives for Jesus? Empty religion produces stillborn followers.

Scripture says that not everyone calling “Lord, Lord” will get to heaven. Even some who cast out demons won’t get to heaven. Why? Because Jesus doesn’t know them. There is no relationship between Jesus and many people.

Over 75% of people in America claim to be Christian, and yet morally, our country is going to hell. We have an entire month celebrating debauchery when presidents and veterans get only 1 day. Killing of unborn babies is legalized, and college girls don’t want to get married and reproduce.

Dead religion produces dead people. No bark. No bite. No courage. No life. Stillborn.

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