The Devil is Sitting in the Pulpit

Jun 19, 2018 | 0 comments

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The Devil is Sitting in the Pulpit | Pass the Salt Live | 6.19.18

Children are being served up to evil – in schools and sodomy-affirming groups/events across the western world. Parents are deluded; and are willingly giving them over to evil. It’s about the children. The enemy of our souls wants the children. If the children can be corrupted at a young age, they will be bound in that sin their whole adult lives, unless God intervenes.

We don’t hate “homos” we hate what they do – to themselves and innocent children. They are lost in their darkness. We need to go to the streets and tell the truth – including how repentance leads to new life. It’s up to God to do His work in people’s hearts. But we can no longer sit back and let evil reign. We must do all we can to snatch them from the pits of hell.

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Gov. Abbott granted Jeremiah Thomas (16) his dying wish. He called Jeremiah yesterday and promised to help abolish abortion in Texas.The Governor was gracious with his time. He listened to Jeremiah's testimony and encouraged him in his faith. Jeremiah said that the Governor was "compassionate and receptive."Jeremiah shared his heart regarding abortion. He appealed to the Governor to protect preborn babies by completely abolishing abortion by treating it as murder and penalizing it by law in the great state of Texas. Prior to the call, the Governors wife, Cecilia, reached out to Jeremiah through Facebook. She sent prayers and hugs. They both demonstrated genuine Christian love and concern for the plight of our

Posted by Rusty Thomas on Monday, June 18, 2018

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