Conservatism isn’t Christianity. They are nothing alike. Conservatism is a pretend version that has nothing to do with repentance. “I’m a conservative” is what they say. It means nothing, other than you are part of the problem.

Multiculturalism is societal AIDs. It destroys cultures when they think everyone is the same, all things are equal, and we all just get along no matter what. This isn’t true, life doesn’t work that way. Equality with no moral basis does not work. We are mixing cultures, races, and societies because it’s better? Why did God make us different if the whole point is to destroy our own race?

Christians are called to be separate from the world. So, BE SEPARATE. Does being separate mean we are apathetic towards everything? Does it mean we stop caring? No, we do care about our culture. We do care about what people are doing and the fact they are sinning. We care enough to tell them the TRUTH. REPENT for the Kingdom of God is at hand!

Hey, Pass the Salt!

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