The loss of a loved one is hard, and it happens to everyone. The loss of a wife is even harder, because the two become one. When you lose your wife, it is like losing part of yourself. Remember folks, there is more to the spiritual realm than we know.

Most people are lost. We go around and meet people, they are all lost. Christians and non-Christians. They are lost and in love with the world. There are only two paths to take, the narrow road or the wide road. The wide road is easy and heaped up with selfishness. The narrow road is when you follow Christ Jesus.

The Hispanic people in Texas are amazing. They are hard-working, respectful, disciplined, and most of all they have FAMILY. These people know the meaning of family deeper than white American have known for decades. They take care of each other and have communion with each other. The husbands LEAD and the family FOLLOWS. It is a beautiful thing to watch.

White men have chosen to kill ourselves. We have destroyed our own culture by the killing of 60 million of our children. The price is being paid, and the Hispanic families coming in could be part of God’s mercy. Do you think those Catholics coming from Mexico are going to side with the Muslims? They are more pro-American than we are!

There are two sides to every story, and maybe, just maybe, the picture God is weaving throughout America’s story is much bigger than we have considered.

Hey, Pass the Salt!

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