The Petro Dollar Deception

Sep 20, 2017 | 0 comments

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Operation Save America rescuers were found innocent from any charges in Louisville. This is a verdict that happened because 11 rescuers blocked the entrance to an abortion mill in Kentucky, they were arrested. Now, they are found innocent of any wrongdoing. There is still light in America.

The Deep State wiretapped President Trump before he was elected, it is a fact. It is confirmed he was wiretapped. Once again, President Trump has been telling the truth, and the entire media has lied about him. The Deep State is real, and it hates Trump and the American People.

The United States has run an extortion racket for 60 years called the, “Petro Dollar”. We have forced everyone to trade the most important commodity, oil, in US Dollars. This has allowed us to be completely irresponsible and downright evil. This racket is coming to an end. China and Russia are making deals to undermine the Petro Dollar.

This is God’s judgement coming home to roost. We have neglected righteousness and pursued evil, our economic policy shows it.

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