They are Burning the Books

Mar 5, 2018 | 0 comments

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This war that we are watching play out in America is clearly spiritual. You don’t understand. It is so deeply spiritual that we can’t even see it. There is nothing that is happening in the United States that doesn’t have a spiritual connection and a heavenly, or demonic, influence. The demons are raging right now, Christians need to get in the fight.

The censorship is truly happening. We have been censored on Facebook for the past two weeks. One thing after the other to ban us on there. Folks, this is the equivalent of book burning. Do you understand that? They are, “Burning the books” of Christians. They are tearing pages out of the Bible when they shut people up online and in other places. THEY ARE SHUTTING OUR MOUTHS EVERYWHERE BECAUSE WE ARE CHRISTIAN!!!

We have allowed this to happen. Our apathy has allowed the wicked to gain everything, and yet still we do nothing. It’s time to go on offense. We are doing something. We are starting to play their game and read their plays. Tune in to Hagmann and Hagmann tonight. We will not go into the night without fighting the wickedness. The censorship. The disgusting sin-love luciferian left.

Get on offense. Open your mouth now, or it will be much worse for your children in the coming years.

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