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Truth is Love

All Hands on Deck was a great success! Thanks to Mike and his wife for hosting us. Thanks to Larry for bringing and cooking all the food. Thanks to all who came.

Platonic love is a pure spiritual affection subsisting between the sexes, unmixed with carnal desires, and regarding the mind only and its excellencies; a species of love for which Plato was a warm advocate. You can’t do intimacy from a distance. If you want to do intimacy with people, you have to put some skin in the game.

Friday morning we went to Planned Parenthood. I expected to get some pushback. But PP was closed. And they did not open. We spent about 2 hours speaking out against abortion, with our signs.Then we went to Broad and High, on the corner of the Ohio State Capitol building.

Friday afternoon, we went to the Nephilim mounds.

Saturday, we went into the lion’s den, at the sodomy charade.  At the “gay” pride parade we meet our Russian Christians. They bring the “no pride” sign. Destruction of the natural order is happening right in front of us. We go to these parades because we love. When did our stand become hate? Truth is LOVE.

Sunday morning, we went to a local Vineyard church. The court order ordered us to demonstrate on the street, if we ever came back. We cannot do it on their property. We walked on the road. The police wanted us to get off the road. But the court ordered us to get on  the road. They are trying to silence us, but we have the Holy Spirit and cannot lose in Him.

Come to All Hands on Deck next year, June 19-21,2020.

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