Two Americas

Nov 8, 2017 | 1 comment

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There is hope for the next generation. When they are confronted with the truth, they are open, because the hypocrisy of what they have been taught is so obvious. God is moving in the younger generation, and they can be saved. Their minds are not totally lost. It takes effort and there is a huge battle in front of us to reclaim the education of our children.

Two Americas are out there. The America that is represented in the media. The Godhaters are all over it, and they are underestimating the American normal. People who actually WANT traditional values. People who WANT order. People who WANT sanity. People who WANT LOGICAL THOUGHT.

The other America, the American Normals, are represented by the savior at the church shooting in Texas. Stephen Willeford risked his own life to save people in his town. He did the work of the ministry. Not only that, he recognized the Holy Spirit guided him to kill the murderer. I’ll say that again. The Holy Spirit guided Stephen Willeford in killing the murder who slaughter over 20 people.

There are two kingdoms, and there are two Americas. They are clashing, and remember, God always wins. He will deliver the heathen up, for they have rejected Him, and there is punishment awaiting them, and there is nothing they can do about it EXCEPT to humble themselves, repent, seek God’s face, and they will receive the Grace God has made available to them.

The battle rages on, and Truth is winning out. Hey, Pass the Salt!

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