I don’t know if you have noticed it lately or not, but the airwaves and ether zone are bristling with meaningless terms that have become part of the American lexicon.  Because we have lost the ability to think logically the media is able to create a narrative by simply repeating phrases than in no time flat become accepted by millions of Americans as Truth.

In fact, if you are not careful, you will find yourself using the same made-up terms that the mind-benders created to control the way that you view the world.  I often find myself, and others, repeating these code words in casual conversations.  It is a result of the mind manipulation that has been so effective by those whose job it is to hide the Truth.  Here are just a few of the stupid statements that I find myself repeating.

Can anyone say gay marriage?  Or anything gay?  Check the dictionary and you will find that gay means “happy, exuberant, bright in color” yet most people think of homosexuality when they hear the term.

“Choice” is another one of those terms. There was a day when choice meant to make a selection between two or more alternatives.  But in modern America “choice” is a chocolate-coated term that has replaced the word abortion.  Trust me on this one…most pro-choice people are really anti-choice.  Pro-choice activists fight for abortion, not for birth, and certainly not for the natural choice, adoption.  If Americans were sane the “choice” would be between keeping the child and giving the baby up for adoption.

Abortion is not a very good stand-alone word.  Choice makes the medicine go down so much better and gives cover to the ghouls who love baby murder.  “No one is for baby murder” I hear you say.  That statement simply exposes the fact that most people have never actually dealt with militant pro-aborts.  Trust me.  Some people do not want ANY child to live.

Words have meaning.  If we would simply take the time to THINK about what we just heard we would find ourselves ahead of the crowd and not as easily herded along like a gaggle of programmed snowflakes.

Which brings me to the diabolic, murderous, falsely labeled Planned Parenthood; everything about them is fake.   Their lying CEO Cecile Richards doesn’t even go by her real name.    According to PP’s own websiteshe and her husband, Kirk Adams, have three children and reside in New York City.” I suppose in today’s feminist world being married to a Mr. Adams and having children is a negative…especially while pushing family destruction.

Planned Parenthood is Baby Murder Inc.  Despite what they try to convince you so that they can gobble up your tax dollars, Planned Parenthood does not engage in “Women’s health care.”  That is fake news.  Planned Parenthood receives nearly $500 billion tax dollars annually from the Federal Government.  Their claim that they provide services to low-income and disadvantaged women is Fake News.

One would think that if PP received so much money to provide “health services” to low-income women that the services would be free.  But abortions are not free to poor mothers.  Here is a detailed price list of a local murder mill…with prices ranging from $425-$825…dependant on how difficult the murder might be.     I would assume that the fees at our local PP would be similar to this.  Why isn’t “women’s healthcare” free if the government is funding it?

It seems that FREE “women’s health care” is available just around most corners.  “For every Planned Parenthood clinic, there are 20 community health centers ready to provide all the non-abortive services currently being given by Planned Parenthood.   It is a blatant lie to claim these communities would be left unserved if Planned Parenthood loses its federal funding.”

Did you get that?  Health care for women is available EVERYWHERE.  What does Planned Parenthood do with all of that money?  Check your local democrat politician’s donations and you will find out where much of that money ends up.

Abortion mill Planned Parenthood has raked in a reported $700 million IN PROFIT since the tenure of CEO Cecile Richards, taking in a reported $127 million in profit annually.  Yes that would be the same “non-profit” corporation that your tax dollars subsidize—over $500 million annually.”  There is much more info here about the Fake Health Care they provide.

Hey folks.  Abortion is not healthcare.  Planned Parenthood does not plan parenthood…it ends it.  Every woman that visits one of those “clinics” enters as a mother and leaves as a mother.  The sad truth is that she is the mother of a dead baby.

What will it take for our churches to rise up and demand the defunding of Planned Parenthood?  How long will we believe the lie that poor women are counting on PP for “healthcare” while they are profiting off of the backs of bloody babies?  If President Trump was moved by the pictures of “gassed” Syrian children why is he not moved by the pictures of “gassed” American pre-mature babies?

Better yet.  Why are YOU not moved by bloody babies?  Why is your pastor not moved?  What has your church done to demand an end to the slaughter of the little image bearers of God?

Is stopping the bloody butchers at Planned Parenthood really all that much to ask?  What is the difference between Syria’s Assad and Planned Parenthood’s Richards?  They both use government money to kill innocent children.

Fake Christians go to fake churches and vote for fake conservatives who support fake healthcare.

What in tarnation is wrong with us?  Abortion is not healthcare.  Abortion is murder.