I am proud to be white.

There.  I said it.  If you are reading this commentary then you are probably witnessing a miracle.  I would assume that Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram have not banned me.

That is usually what happens when someone expresses an opinion that the pencil necks don’t like.

Pencil neck?  Gee…that will probably get me banned as well.  Name calling is definitively a violation of “community standards” on social media.

Their standards, that is.  Not mine and it certainly does not violate the standards of most people I hang out with.  But most of my friends are normal.  At least if there is such a thing as normal any more.

Middle America normal.  Not university normal…or progressive normal…or George Looney fan normal.  But simply…normal.  An everyday, run of the mill, clear thinking, I don’t-get-offended-easy normal…the kind of normal that you used to find in your middle class neighborhood, local public school, and TV sitcom.

You know what I mean…Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best, Ozzie and Harriet, Andy Griffith and Barney Fife normal.

Oh how I wish my grandkids could grow up in a bigoted society as those shows represented.

But I am proud to be white and no matter how much you try to shame me you will not be able to make me recant.  Beat me with a stick, ridicule me in public, email me all kinds of hateful comments, but you will not stop me from being proud of who I am.

It is like the story I heard about the young kindergartner who pinched his fellow classmate in a dispute.

“Tommy,” the teacher scolded.  “You apologize and return to your seat.”

“OK Mrs. Jones, I’ll sit down.  But I am still standing up on the inside!!”

Well, I am still proud on the inside.  No matter how “racist” you say that I am.

Proud does not mean superior.  Being proud of my heritage does not make me a racist…or a bigot…or a hater.

I am a proud nationalist.  I think that our government should put the needs and the interests of Americans first.  I didn’t realize that being a nationalist required identification with skin color.  I hope all blacks are nationalists.  I hope all Chinese are nationalists.  I pray all Christians are nationalists.  The fact that I happen to be Caucasian should not exclude me from being proud.

I hope my black friends are proud that they are black.

I hope my women friends are proud that they are female.  Homos are proud.  Strippers are proud.  Dope smokers are proud.

Heck, even some Cleveland Browns fans are proud…

I am also proud to be a Christian.  I am proud to be an American.

I am proud of my German heritage.  I’m proud to carry my family name DAUBENMIRE!

I am proud to be a Buckeye.  I’m proud to be a man.  I am proud to be a grandpa.  I am proud to have rapidly graying hair.  I am proud to be a loyal and faithful husband.  I am proud that I couldn’t care less about the color of anyone’s skin.

Being proud of who I am does not mean I think I am better than everyone else.

What has happened to us?  What kind of world would this be if folks didn’t have something to be proud of?  Isn’t that the goal of the self-esteem curriculums in our schools?

That’s part of the problem we have in America.  Pride comes from striving…overcoming obstacles…achieving in the face of adversity.  Being proud of my accomplishments certainly does not diminish yours.  At least it shouldn’t.

Our schools have taught our children to be proud of what they should be ashamed of and ashamed of what they should be proud of.

I have a hard time understanding my friends on the Left.  As a follower of my Lord Jesus Christ I have always believed in the equality of all men.  Our nation was built upon the premise that we were all “created” equal.

But my cognitive dissident friends on the Left believe in evolution which has at the center of that ideology the idea of survival of the fittest.  Evolutionary belief REQUIRES an understanding that not all people are equal.  The cream rises to the top…only the strong will survive…kill or be killed…while at the same time pummeling the individual with the idea that everyone is equal.

They are playing with our minds.  Racism is a made-up ideology

If the Truth were to be told, it is shame that does more damage than anything.  I find that most of the trouble occurs with those who do not have a deep appreciation for their lot in live.  Losers blame the referees.  Winners overcome them.

I am proud of what I have done.  I am proud of what I have overcome.  I am proud of my heritage.  Can someone please explain to me why that makes me a racist?  Would everyone feel better if I were ashamed of being white?  Sorry Chief.  I ain’t gonna do it.

I’m proud of my heritage.  I am proud to be white.