We may never pass this way again.

I know that is a song that was made popular by Dan Seales and Dash Croft a generation ago, but that really is the seriousness of our position.

It truly could be now or never.

I have been writing weekly commentaries since 2004 and I sometimes wonder if anyone ever heeds my advice.  After all, what credentials do I have that would qualify me to give advice to folks a lot smarter than me?

At least that is what they try and convince most of us…that the smart people are on TV…or elected to office…or teaching in universities.  But the simple truth is that most “educated” people have lost all common sense.  But I digress.

You can check the archives and I promise you that you will discover that my positions have been consistent ever since I first started poking a keyboard.  One of the more consistent themes I have trumpeted is that there is very little difference between the two political parties.  Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats serve the needs of the American people.   Our elections are a charade and at the end of the day you will find that the political class is only interested in promoting the political class.

Today they call it the “swamp”.  Voting, at least in my lifetime, has done very little to stop the advancement of the “government class’…swamp dwellers…those folks in both political parties who make their living off of bigger, more intrusive government.

The latest example of this truism is the “betrayal” of the American people by John McCain.  But for anyone who has had the eyes to see it has been obvious since the election that Donald Trump really is a man without a party.  The constant assault on him by the left would not be as successful had it not been for the silent cooperation of the Republicans.  McCain’s vote was nothing more than a walking dead man falling on his sword for the advancement of the government ruling class.

The current crop of Republicans is far more loyal to their ruling-class compatriots than they are to those who elected them.  If they had fought for President Trump he would not be nearly as burdened as he is today.  Don’t believe the polls.  The PEOPLE support President Trump…it is the swamp creatures, Republicans included, who are fighting his America-First agenda.

But the differences between the Elephants and the Donkeys are mostly in style.  BOTH parties are for larger government…and the feathering of their own nests.  Government of, by, and for the people is a thing of the past.

Which brings me back to my do-or-die moment.

President Trump was elected by a massive turnout of working class Americans who have slowly come to realize that they have been played.  The two-party system is designed to keep the government class in power and until the election of Donald Trump it appeared that everything was going according to the Globalists plans.  Like a bouncer at a bar, Trump stuck is foot in the door of the White House and changed the course of American politics.

At least for a while.

But as McCain, McConnell, Ryan, and their cohorts have shown they are not going to relinquish the seat of power to a man who was not a member of their club.  Trump’s agenda does not need the support of the Democrats.  His entire agenda could be advance simply with the support of his fellow Republicans.

But it is the Republicans who are thwarting him.  Every part of President Trump’s agenda that has failed has been undercut by members of his own party.  We like to call them RINOS…but it is deeper than that.  Being a Republican is nothing more than a label.  It simply identifies which government swamp team that an elected official identifies with.

John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Paul Ryan,  Rob Portman, and Mitch McConnell aren’t simply fake Republicans…they are bought and paid for political whores.  They stopped representing the people a long time ago.

So here is my plan.

We all know Donald Trump is not a Republican…heck, I am not a Republican…but that is the party that he decided he would join in order to run for President.  In the last election he received MILLIONS of votes from people who also were not Republicans.  It was his message of America First populism that drew working Americans to his cause.  They knew that America had lost its greatness and they, like The Donald, wanted to see our government focus on making WORKING Americans’ lives better again.

The swamp is working everyday to undermine Trump.  They want to see him impeached…destroyed…discredited…put in his place…and will do everything they can do to put the kibosh on this American uprising.  Donald Trump needs to go all in.

He tried working within the party.  He played kissie-face with Ryan and McConnell.  He hired Reince Priebus in hopes of building bridges.  The Republicans rebuffed him at every turn.  It is time for him to separate the sheep from the goats.

President Trump’s, and America’s, only hope for survival is to totally take over the Republican Party.  Others have tried to reclaim our government by starting alternative parties but the political swamp was too hard to penetrate.  Our only chance is for a hijacking…a reclaiming of the Republican Party.

As soon as it is possible President Trump needs to announce a war on the Fake Republicans in his own party.  He must do it now or he will not have a chance in the next election.

Go public.  Go nuclear.  Call out EVERY Republican who has worked to undermine his agenda.  Give them fair warning that he will raise up a battery of new candidates to run against them in the primaries.  Threaten to raise money for the challengers.  Threaten to TWEET the truth to the American people.  Threaten to by-pass the media.  Muster all of his energy to unseat those who refuse to put America first.

What does he have to lose?  The Republicans aren’t on his side, but millions of Americans are.

Go on the offensive President Trump.  Take the party back from the RINO leadership and give the Republican Party back to the American people.  More disgruntled Democrats will be on your side will switch parties. Take your fight to the American people.

You are the only one who can do it.  No other politician could make it happen.  Go for the jugular.  If its war they want…let’s give them war.

The establishment Republican Party members are not your friends.  Drain them or they will sink you.  It’s now or never.

Let’s get rid of the Fake Republican Party.