Keep Your Eye on the Ball

By Dave Daubenmire

Hillary Clinton is toast.  You can believe the lying media and their lying polls if you want to. Hillary is toast.  She will not make it to the November election.

The issue is not her health…although her health is certainly an issue.  Her health is not the reason she is finished.  Don’t be fooled.  Keep your eye on the ball.

Over the past 20 years the Democrats have mastered the election process by cheating, double voting, and control of the electronic voting machines.  Can you explain to me why the Republicans win big in off-year elections and get smoked in the Presidential race?  Could it be that it is easier to coordinate the hacking of a NATIONAL election than it is 435 different congressional races across the land?  After Obama won in 2012 pundits were convinced that we might never see a Republican president ever again.

The Democratic Party got caught with a severe case of overconfidence.  The day Obama took the oath in 2013, Hillary Clinton became President in waiting.  The Democrat machine had the rigging of elections so fine tuned that they didn’t even open the primary process to anyone but Hillary.  Oh, Bernie did catch a little too much fire for the oligarchs, but they had rigged the process to guarantee Hillary would be the nominee no matter who the people wanted.

It didn’t really matter to either party who won the general election because the men behind the curtain knew that they would be able to pull the strings of whichever candidate eventually made it to the White House.  The political class had a vested interest in making sure that no “outsider” made it to the final dance.  They knew that NO REPUBLICAN would be able to beat Hillary… even if one did they were safe in the knowledge that it would be one of “their” boys who eventually took the oath of office.  Sorry, Ted Cruz included.

That is, until Donald Trump entered the fray.  If you remember, his candidacy was a joke to most of the talking heads as he began his slow march through the Republican primaries.  One by one he knocked out 16 opponents to find himself the only one standing at the end of the day.  As his success became more and more inevitable, the political class became more and more apoplectic.  They had not counted on an outsider seizing the crown and they doubled down on their attempt to kick him off the team.

He had started a revolution.  Everything he did defied conventional wisdom and no matter how much the media attacked him, and no matter how they tried to doctor the polls, the Trump Train turned into a locomotive.  Barring some unforeseen event, (don’t write that off), his election, despite what they try to tell you, is inevitable.  And the political class knows it.

That’s why Hillary is toast.  Please keep your eye on the ball.  The oligarchs are simply cutting their losses.  This isn’t about Hillary’s health…that is her bailout excuse…it is about the Clinton Foundation and the dirty palms surrounding it.

An honest investigation of the Clintons would reveal the most massive political corruption in the history of the world.  Clinton money has been spread across Washington like Chemtrails on a clear June afternoon.  Everyone has been compromised…congressmen, senators, judges, FBI, military, news media…the Clinton tentacles run into the deepest crevices in DC.  Why do you think no one ever holds them accountable?  Very few people in power do not have Clinton-Blood on their hands.

But the criminals and their prostitutes weren’t worried about being exposed, because Hillary was going to be in the White House and she would use the power and influence of the office to bury any investigations that might expose the corruption.  That is why so few Republicans have come out in support of Trump.  They know the consequences of crossing the Clintons and the dangers that a Trump Presidency might harbor for the both sides of the aisle.  For most of them, NEVER TRUMP was a matter of self-protection.

The worm finally turned when Hillary uttered her “intolerables” statement.  Just like Romney’s 47% statement in 2012 this was the self-inflicted wound that would lead to a serious bleed-out.  That statement was the real collapse that led to Hillary’s more public collapse on the streets of New York.

Her collapse in New York was a staged event.  No security official in his right mind would leave Mrs. Clinton propped up by a metal pole while she waited on her ride.  The gig was up.  Somebody wanted the world to see that Hillary was sick.  She will now bow out of the race, because of “health” reasons, which will save her image and engender sympathy for this “brave public servant.”

You, dear reader, must keep your eye on the ball.

Hillary will step aside and the media will fawn over her and lament how sad it is that such “an historically qualified” woman was so cruelly robbed of the Presidency by a twist of fate…the health issue. We will be served up TV specials on her, the media will fawn over her, and she will suck every ounce of sympathy possible out of the American sheeple.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the entire mainstream media will call for all investigations against her and her husband to stop.  How could anyone be so cruel that they would bring an investigation against a sick, caring public servant?  Let her die in peace you evil Republicans.  Popular opinion will rise and President Obama, appeasing the public, will grant a Presidential pardon to the Clinton’s for any misdeeds they may have committed.

Hillary is toast.  Her medical condition provides a face-saving exit for her and all future investigations of the Clinton’s are wiped clean faster than her non-secure server.  In that sense she will be the greatest martyr in the history of Washington, DC.  Her sickness will save thousands of necks.  They will name a government building after her as she, Bill and Chelsea ride off in the sunset on a covered wagon filled with money.  Hillary falls on her sword and all the criminals go free.  The double reverse is being run to perfection.

I am afraid we have taken our eyes off the ball.