I am sick of the propaganda.  I am sick of the spin.  I am sick of what passes for news in America today.

Just because someone happens to make it onto the television does not make them an expert.  Have you ever asked yourself, “How did this talking head get this gig on television?”

“What makes him an expert?  Why am I supposed to believe anything I hear on the any ‘news’ program?”

I saw a clip of David Gergen on CNN the other night.  Can someone tell me why I should give a rip about anything he says?  Who made him an expert?  Am I supposed to believe that he is unbiased and doesn’t have friends in the upper echelons of the establishment of both parties?

Who signs his paycheck?  Who selected him to be an, “expert” on CNN?  I think these are important questions.

It is all a game.  They are playing us for fools.  Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that Hillary is not more popular than Trump.  She is yesterday’s news.  She is a hag.  Most men I know cannot stand the Nurse Ratchet similarities that she exudes.

They are setting us up.  They want to convince us that she is leading when she is probably 20 points behind.   But if they can convince us that the race is close then they might be able to steal the election through voter fraud.

Bush didn’t beat Gore and Obama didn’t beat Romney.

They just tell us that they did because the “polls” showed that the race was close.

The polls are rigged.  The polls are designed to convince you that the race is close.  They are not used to show what is really going on but what they want you to believe is going on.  Fair and balanced…

Really?  Fair and balanced?   Really?   Just tell me the friggin truth!  There are no two sides to the truth.  The Truth is not fair and balanced.  The Truth is the Truth.  Public opinion will never change the truth.

So the media networks flood us with their “experts.”  The “experts” are hand selected to drive an agenda.  It is all an illusion.  It is all propaganda.  They are playing us for fools.  Homos anchor the news.

I didn’t watch one second of either the RNC or the DNC conventions.  Not one stinkin second.  I couldn’t care less what the speakers had to say and I certainly couldn’t care less how the experts spun the whole thing.

I have not turned on the TV since the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship.  That was June 19th.  The TV in our home has not been on since that game ended.

It may not EVER be on again.

More and more of us are coming out of the matrix.  More and more of us are beginning to understand just how the game is played.  More and more of us have decided that we will not allow our minds to be poisoned by the propaganda that is spewing forth from all of the bought-and-paid-for-experts spewing their bought-and-paid-for-opinions on the bought-and-paid-for-media.

I am sick of it.  I wish the election were tomorrow.  I wish Americans would shake their freakin heads and wake up from the mind-controlled news that is trapping inside the left/right box that the media masters have tried to imprison them.

I am sick of it.  I don’t give a damn what they say.  I’m not watching their stupid shows and I am not drinking their deadly Kool Aide.  I’m sick of the divide and conquer techniques currently being used to imprison the minds of the American people.

I couldn’t care less what Don Lemon thinks.  George Step-all-over-us is full of crap.  Danna Brazille, Paul Begalla, The Five, Bill O’Reilly, Wolf Blitzer… has anyone seen Candy Crowley… get out of my freakin life and out of my freakin head.

Turn ‘em off.  Turn ‘em all off.  They are not giving you the news…they are manufacturing the news.  They are tilting the new.  They are altering the news.  They are editing the news.  They are creating the news.

They are all in on it.  A two-card Monty.  Limbaugh, Hannity, and Levin, verses Anderson Cooper, Rachel Madcow, and NBC, ABC, CBS…turn them all off.  Disney owns ABC.  Disney owns ESPN.  Disney’s leftist-influence would make Walt Disney blush.

Who cares what MSNBC Says?  Why are you watching them?  Who cares what Lester Holt or Katie Couric says?  Do you really believe they are independent?  Do you really believe they are telling you the truth?  Do you really think Megan Kelly is not controlled by those who pay here massive salary?

Turn them all off.  Let your mind clear.

Think Man, think.  So much of what they are telling you isn’t true.  So much of what you believe is not true.

The courts are lying.  The churches are lying.  The media is lying.  The Government is lying.

Stop repeating the talking points that some talking head injected into your brain.

It is all a scam.  It is all a sham.  God gave you a brain.  Use it.

Turn them off.  Turn them all off.  Think for yourself.

Our nation is at risk.  Lies and liars are ruling the day.

I couldn’t care less what some expert on the TV says.  Stop swallowing their slop.

Seek the truth… it is all that can set you free… wake up while you still can.