2020 is Perfect Vision | Coach Dave Live | 12-13-19

Coach opened the show talking about needs of folks who take time to sign into the Huddle on a regular basis.  He invited people to pray.

“Brexit won again in Britain again yesterday.” Observed Coach.  “The people said no way to staying in the European Union.”  Somethings happin here!  Something really big is brewing the USA.  The sanctuary city battle in Virginia is heating up.  We all need to be paying attention to that.  The Left is talking about confiscating guns there.

Coach pointed out that Virginia is going to war with the second amendment.  Coach predicted that they will lose.  Cities all across Virginia are declaring themselves sanctuary cities for gun owners, daring the Federal Government to do something about it.

“2020 is perfect vision.” Observed a preacher in the Huddle.  “Next year is going to clarify many things for the American people.”

Lord, teach my hands to war is about learning the techniques of war … not about killing people.  What happens in the heavenlies is what manifests on the earth.  “Never forget that.” Said Coach.  What we’re dealing with here is a spiritual battle before it is a earthly battle.  “The gospel has tipped over into ‘love’ alone.” Observed Coach.

The Huddle viewed some clips from an Old Yeller episode.  The heroic dog contracted rabies in a brutal fight with a diseased wolf.  With this in mind the Huddle studied Psalm 140.

Christians have a duty to keep the lepers away from the innocent.  “Wake up Church!” Shouted Coach.

A man in the Huddle testified about moving away from the propaganda and coming to a deeper understanding.  “We must lay down our things and serve our King Jesus.” He said.  Coach asked, “How do we reach the sincere people who are trapped inside satanic social clubs.  They know, but they don’t …if you know what I mean.” Said Coach.

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