00:00 – We’ve made it through another Halloween. The church simply co-ops the holiday instead of fighting against it. Trunk or treat, we are playing by their tune. We have it all backwards.

05:00 – Today is the next release of WikiLeaks and it is said it will guarantee the arrest of Hillary Clinton.

12:00 – Psalm 18

16:00 – Christians have sold their birthright to conservative republicans.

18:00 – Video the Traitor. What kind of people is Hillary going to appoint? She is going to appoint whoever pays the most. She is one of the traitors that is destroying our country.

22:00 – Weiner’s laptop wasn’t an accident. These workers of iniquity, Republicans and Democrats, dug a pit hoping Christians would fall into it. Bill was destroyed by a vagina, Hillary is being destroyed by a weiner.

24:00 – Who is Huma Abadeen?

35:00 – Human either hid the emails on the computer or Anthony did. Supposedly there is a folder entitled, “Sex tapes”. The human heart unbridled is absolutely evil.

46:00 – Stock market fell a few days ago, how are the financials affecting what is going on? The future is very uncertain. Hillary is seen as a continuation of policies for easy policies. Trump is seen as very uncertain.

51:00 – Trump predicted the Huma Abadeen problem over a year ago.

55:00 – We are seeing the supernatural hand of God move. They have dug a ditch and the righteous will not fall into it. They will fall into it themselves.