The disinformation about our president is incredible. They want Trump out more than anything. They are going to try to impeach him and prove he is unfit to be president at any cost. Remember, there are only two teams. There is God’s team and the Devil’s team. You say Trump is on the Devil’s team? Then why does the Devil’s team want him out more than anyone?

The Church is telling us to not break the law. Really? Christianity started by breaking the law. Jesus led a rebellion against the religious system of His time and the point was, “Obey God, not man.” When man’s law comes into conflict with God’s law do we still obey? No, we obey God and keep his commands.

Abortion has been, “Legal” since January 22, 1973. We have murdered over 60 million children. Let me say that again. We have murdered over 60 million innocent children in the United States. In response to this the Church has done nothing. The church doesn’t treat it like it’s murder. The church is, “Pro-Life” like it’s a political stance and a budget problem. The Church has been failing for the past 30 years and we think it will work? When? Nothing has changed, abortion is still, “Legal”. We need to start ACTing like Christian men, REAL Christian men, if anything is going to change.

Our courts can make abortion, “Legal” but it is still murder. There is a higher law, the law of God. Understand that, and start acting like it.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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