People have got to own their own faith. There comes a point in every man’s life where they have to decide, is this my faith or is it my parent’s faith? You’ve got to own it one way or the other. If you never end up making that decision, you will be tossed with the wind.

What is the Christian job description? What is it you have to do as a Christian? This is a question we each need to ask ourselves. Otherwise, there’s no way to tell if we are doing a good job or not! In football, you get graded for each play, where is it that Christians are being graded for our plays?

Jesus is going to grade us at some point, not only on our faith, but on our works as well. It all counts. If you join a football team (the church), but don’t every play, do you think the coach is going to know you? Or at the end of the season are you going to show up and the coach is going to say, “Whoa, who are you? I never saw you on the field. No, you don’t get an award, get out of my office, this is a place for the players.”

You can get on the team, but once on the team what is it you are doing?

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