00:00 – Coach begins by talking about Matthew 11 and the eternal struggle that is between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman. Satan’s team is fighting for a Kingdom. God’s people need to be fighting for a Kingdom, it’s the whole Gospel.

21:00 – These emails hidden on Weiner’s computer were put there as a life insurance policy by his wife. She is a spy. The Hillary investigation is being re-opened so that Comme will save his own skin. He is doing this to prevent the further investigation into the Clinton Machine. Once Hillary gets destroyed, the investigation can’t go any further and it saves the people behind the scenes.

Hillary is so far behind that there is nothing to be done to save her. The powers that be have decided to throw her under the bus and are moving to save their own skin.

30:00 – We have a chance, over the next four years, to make the Church great again. The day is coming when a Mosque and a Christian Church will not be able to exist in the same city. Hillary’s #1 aid’s mother and father started the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslims are coming in to take territory, and they are doing it with religious and immigration cover.

43:00 – The next seven days are going to be unbelievable. What happens when a ship starts to sink? The rats leave the ship. Trump is going to explode into an enormous lead over the next seven days. The Truth is going to come out.

46:30 – Wikileaks top 100 stories

53:00 – The only reason we are in the middle east is because of Israel. We are where we are because of spiritual manipulation. God is keeping his promise to Israel, and look what God’s promise to Israel is doing to our nation. John Haggie thinks it’s, “Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and Israel”. Putin and Russia most likely want to live in peace. They just want to be left alone. America is meddling where we don’t belong, because of this idea of, “Israel” and we are wrong. God’s Children are Christians of the world.