Coach and some of the men from the Huddle went down to Savannah, Georgia over the weekend to spread the gospel. They connected with Ricky there and went to the abortion clinic. There were 50 or so people at the clinic, SUPPORTING baby murder. So, Coach went in and reproved, rebuked, and exhorted them so they would know their need of Jesus Christ.

Weather Modification is real. The weather is being manipulated. There are companies in the United States and around the world that sell the service! They spray silver iodide in the air to control how the weather works. They say that local governments pay for this to adjust weather. Ok, and the federal government isn’t?

This weekend a giant storm formed up throughout the middle of the United States and it came out of nowhere. This is strange, is there more to the picture than what the know? Be a citizen journalist, ask questions, poke the bear, and look behind the curtain. See what is going on.

And never forget to Pass the Salt.

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