Alfred Kinsey’s Agenda: Unmasking the sexual revolution and exploitation of children. Kinsey in the middle 20th century did “tests” on babies and children, sexualizing the children. He and pedophiles sexually abused 196 children.  The Kinsey Report in 1948 changed how people viewed sexuality. Birth control, pornography and more, came after Kinsey’s report came out. Kinsey used pedophiles to “prove” that children are sexual from birth. A virgin in college, Hugh Hefner, read Kinsey. He said, “Everybody’s been lying to me.  Now, I will be Kinsey’s pamphleteer.” Hefner created Play Boy magazine.

Judith Reisman’s book: Kinsey Crimes and Consequences is documented research behind Kinsey’s life and “work.” She has done extensive study on Kinsey, and says, “The public has been raped. The whole nation has been raped. You cannot expect to survive a rape without a lot of pain and trauma.”

All this stuff has become normal because there’s no resistance to it. The Church is accepting it. They are not fighting against it. The problem in America is that the Church has tolerated it.

Stand up and fight!

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