Christian values are no longer American values. In the past those two things coincided together. Church values WERE Christian values. This is not the case. We have lost our Christian values, and our American values have gone away as well. The older generation understands this, because they know of a better time. A time where a handshake meant something. A time where you looked someone in the eye and made a deal. A time where you could trust those around you.

The left is at war and Christians are at peace. They have a war mindset. They are rampaging across the country with their evil ideals and sin fueled worldview unopposed. Wake up Christians. Wake up and get in the fight.

Francis Schaeffer called it in 1984. He said this was happening IN 1984! We are far along his approximating of the future. The church is morally relativistic. The church doesn’t fight abortion. The church doesn’t believe the Bible is true. The church is the most liberal organization around. The church is humanist. On and on.

The Bible is true and inerrant. Abortion is evil. Truth is love and truth is confrontational. Get up, get out, and always remember to Pass the Salt.

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