Am I Allowed to be a Bigot? | Coach Dave Live | 02-10-2020

The show opened with Coach thanking Christians for praying for he and his family.  He did several interviews last week about suing the NFL over the Super Bowl halftime show.

“What keeps me going is that I know I’m right.” Said Coach.  “I don’t care what anyone else says.”  I’m trying to keep porn from coming into people’s homes.  What’s bad about doing that?

The Huddle examined 1 Peter 3 and Revelation 19.  Jesus is a soldier, a warrior.  He judges in righteousness.  The tattoo on his leg says, “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”  Then Coach urged listeners and viewers to file a complaint through the FCC website.  See the link below.

The Super Bowl’s halftime fits the legal definition of indecency.  The Huddle considered the definition of indecency in the regulations.  Coach is looking for a lawyer.  “This could start or make a career for someone!” Said Coach.  “God is looking to make heroes.”

“God is always looking to pick a fight; He’s just looking for fighters to fight through.” Observed a man in the Huddle.  Millions of lives have been destroyed through pornography.  Mike Davis, a Columbus weatherman, was just convicted of having child pornography on his computer.

“Men aren’t standing with me because they are trying to validate their own porn use.” Said Coach.  “They decide to condemn a Mike Davis because they think it excuses them.”  Child sex trafficking is the biggest problem at the Super Bowl.  Pornography feeds the need.

Coach announced that he is leading a team to Virginia Beach the weekend of February 22nd.  Go to and click on events.

Robert Klous shared from his devotional.

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