Someone accused me of leading people to become radicals.

Radical – pertaining to the root or origin; fundamental; implanted by nature, constitutional, original.

Be radical! The non-radical tree trimmers are the ones who got us into this mess. Is killing babies radical? Is men marrying men radical? Is the former president’s wife a felon being radical? The bad guys are really radical. Should we be radical for Jesus?

While we’re being considered “radical” the world is being deliberately dumbed down.  The average college student reads at a 7th grade level. During 2016, more than 40% of Americans didn’t know who was running for President. The United States is 36th place in awarding high school diplomas. 71% of our young people are ineligible to serve in the military because of obesity or lack of intelligence.

We are so locked into our electronic devices, we are losing the ability to engage in conversation. Kids aren’t outside playing in their neighborhoods. They are playing video games instead of being in the world, with people. And when outside forces control what we see on these devices, we as a society lose the ability to lead and guide in the culture.

How did this happen? If we really wanted people to be smart, and knowledgeable, couldn’t we accomplish that? We don’t want it. We want the kids and adults to be dumb. America has Become an Idiocracy.

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