Out of the heart the mouth speaks. Why is it we are always speaking doubt and disbelief out of our mouths. If you are going to believe something in your heart, you have got to stop repeating out of your mouth hole the things Satan whispers in your ear.

America needs Justice. Punishment is important to get your mind right. It’s also important to get everyone else’s mind right. When there is no justice, judgment, or punishment, what would make anyone change? Why would people follow the law if there is no punishment? They wouldn’t, and they don’t.

America needs justice before it can heal. I will say that again in a different way. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Swamp needs to have its wealth, power, and influence completely stripped away publicly for Americans to heal from the corruption those people have wrought.

JUSTICE MUST BE DONE, and if we don’t do it, God will.

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