The Salt and Light Brigade is a group of Christians who are owning their area. They are groups around the country, building up as a community who helps each other and DO things. We have to DO REAL THINGS together. Go to abortion clinics, save children, fight homosexual sin, fight corruption, work together and win with what talents God has given you. Don’t bury the talent, use it.

Americans care so much about stuff. We are utterly materialistic. We start feeling for people the most when they lose all their stuff, but what about when grandparents lose their children? When our children are murdered, why isn’t the money flowing in then? Sin is more destructive than a hurricane. Homosexuality is more destructive than Harvey. We care more about stuff than we do about our own souls.

Antinomianism is when Christians think they don’t have to obey any laws. Guess what? Not true. If you are a Christian, you must ACT like a Christian. Not because you want to go to heaven, or because you want to be saved, because Christians ACT Christian, it’s simply what we do. We strive to be like Jesus of our own accord, with Jesus’ help we can do it. The pursuit of righteousness is what a Christian life looks like, so stop making excuses and start the climb.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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