Today’s show featured instruction on preparing for disasters. Chance, at American Survival Wholesale, spoke about ways to be prepared for natural disasters and apocalyptic events. For more information, email Chance:

Here are some basic tips:

  1. Store 200 gallons of fresh water in a cool, dark place. This is for drinking, cooking and cleaning.
  2. Have food enough for at least 72 hours in case of power outages, but even longer if a catastrophic event were to take place. Have a way to cook the food, without electricity. 50 lbs. of rice. 50 lbs. of black beans. Spices, salt, pepper. For food, visit:   SPECIAL SALE: This weekend only, (September 28-29). Buy 2 “Are You Serious” packs, and get a free emergency kit! Visit to purchase.
  3. To protect your lives, stay in your home. If you’re trapped in a car, have a sleeping bag and supplies that will keep you warm and fed nights, in your part of the country. If you must evacuate, train for this. Get the entire family involved. If a child can carry something, train them to do it. You must train. Have a “go bag” or a “bug out” bag. Medications, things for kids, enough food, water and supplies to get you through 72 hours. Practice your escape route. Visit
  4. Have a good medical kit. Take basic first aid and CPR class or watch instructional videos. Treat cuts immediately. Get waterproof bandaids, etc.
  5. Be prepared to defend yourself, if there’s an apocalyptic event. Do not tell people you are prepping. Assume everyone is the enemy, until confirmed otherwise. Help widows and children, but be cautious.

There are many ways to prepare. Watch youtube videos on how to be trained in practical things like building an emergency shelter. Start stocking up now, with water, food, tools, safety/medical supplies, ammunition, and train your family on how to survive in emergency situations.

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