Christians don’t know they don’t know. They are so unaware of what is happening in the world it is infuriating. They DO NOT CARE about the lives of their children or grandchildren. They are just going through the motions, waiting to get raptured out. Is that Christ-like? Just letting it all fall apart and watching it happen because, “I’ll make it out.” It’s wicked.

There is election fraud in Roy Moore’s campaign, our government pays for abortion, they push the homo agenda, they destroy our children through public “Education” and we do what? WHEN WILL WE FIGHT BACK? WHAT WILL IT TAKE? Christians are so freaking stupid and care so much about stuff they are LETTING EVIL PREVAIL AND DOING NOTHING!!

Listen folks, our federal government is corrupt and wicked. They represent Satan more than anything else. We are at a crossroads, and you MUST pick a side, you cannot sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

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