We are being censored. Facebook blocked us three days ago, and now they have blocked us again for 7 days. How is this legal? How is this allowed? We are law abiding citizens, and yet we are getting blocked for what we say. Listen folks, when you don’t have free speech, you have tyranny. When you are forced to follow a certain narrative, that is oppression.

Build your downline and get involved in your local community. All the societal problems can be fixed at the local level. Get you and six other people together and start making change right where you are. Go to schoolboard meetings. Learn up on what is happening and FIGHT. It’s time to get up and take back ground!

Is drinking alcohol a sin? Listen folks, drinking alcohol is not a sin. Now don’t hear what I’m not saying. When God lays it on your heart not to drink, and you drink, then it is a sin. Getting drunk is always a sin. But we need to recognize, having a glass of wine is not sinful. Having a beer is not sinful, UNLESS God places it on your heart to refrain. Maybe don’t drink in public. Maybe don’t drink in certain situations, when you can be a STUMBLING BLOCK to other Christians. Use wisdom and don’t go off the deep end.

Being outside abortion clinics saves lives. Telling women that they are murdering their child saves lives. Telling women you will adopt their unwanted baby saves lives. No woman needs to live with the guilt of murdering her child, and when that child is born, she will know she did the right thing. You must stand firm, stand fast, and stand for the innocent unborn.

Grab hold of your courage, stand up, get involved locally. At the “Clinic”, at the statehouse, and at your selectmen meeting. Show the world Christians aren’t completely worthless, and BE the Church IN the world, not the church OF the world.

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