When Obama said that no matter what America was, it is no longer a Christian nation, we didn’t believe him. But when you see all the pagan images in DC, you  realize we may never have been a Christian nation.

The leaders of our country are under a satanic anointing.  Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and the Jezebel spirit need to be cast down in America.

For years, we believed things religiously that are just not true. The prosperity gospel is no gospel at all. We have been living under lies in the Church. Religiously, spiritually, economically – how many lies are we believing?

We, as Christians, must open our hearts and minds to the things that are real, even if they are uncomfortable. Romans 1, God sent the delusion to the people. A strong delusion, so they would believe a lie. Repentance is key. We can’t see the truth, until we repent of our sins.

The next phase in the Kingdom, is the false system “Babylon” being brought down. Pray. Ask God to show you the spiritual significance of Chappaqua, NY. That Jezebel spirit needs to be confronted and torn down. If the Light doesn’t come out into the streets, then the strong evil demonic spirits will protect Jezebel. We must fight evil. Without the power of God we will not be able to conquer evil.

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