We are picking up those who have left the, “Church”. People are searching for something real and applicable. The modern church espouses that church is something that happens once a week and you feel good for an hour, then go home. This is wrong.

Church is a community of people that go forth and preach the gospel. The gospel being, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” You live your life, real life, in community with these people to answer the questions of life and how and why God is involved.

Worship is not singing. Worship is when that community gets together seeking God, praying, and breaking bread. Music is a powerful spiritual force everywhere. That does not mean it is inherently God or the Holy Spirit that is involved. Many times it isn’t the Holy Spirit that drives a Church or a worship service.

Be discerning and listen to the Holy Spirit in your own life to find out where and when your Church is being led astray. Remember, Pass the Salt.

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