Be a Wedgebuster | Coach Dave Live | 1-28-2020

“We are naïve about how good God is … and how Just He is.” Said Coach.  “God is steady as steady can be.”  Evil is disloyal and always changing.  God is stable.  “Why is evil flourishing so strongly in our society?” Asked Coach.  “Why is goodness so passive?”  Why are you so passive with evil?  We are the counterbalance to the evil.

The evil people are actively promoting their evil.  Where is the Christian counterbalance to these evil people?  Our works don’t show up.  It is your job to be that restraining force right where you live.  We spend most of the time wondering who that is supposed to be.  Maybe it is you.

A huddler pointed out that winners never quit.  Christianity has no desire to win because we’ve decided that we have to pass through this life comfortably.  We need some Christian wedgebusters.  At minute 12 Coach explained what a wedgebuster is in football.

We’re in the mess we’re in because we’re always fighting alone.  The Left doesn’t fight alone.  They are much more unified.  We’re not winning because we’re not playing.  We’re not showing up.

Take captive every thought.  Don’t be afraid of what’s going to happen to you.  At minute 20 Coach talked about not being afraid of the Corona Virus.  Don’t allow yourself to be trapped by the idea that “Nothing really matters … but me.”  Nothing heroic was ever done without risk.

When we are called to do something risky our first thought is “What will this do to me?”  A huddler commented that a man needs to be aware of the wake that can be created by a strong Godly man.  “You do have to go when God calls you to go.” He said.

At minute 23 the Huddle discussed the effect on family members when a man confronts evil publicly.  A huddler commented that we Christians have decided to identify with the hear no evil, see no evil monkeys.  You’ll never be a hero if you must know the end, or the result, before you act.

We will be held responsible for the truth that we know on judgment day.  Coach asked, “What are you going to say to John the Baptist when you meet him in heaven as an excuse for not confronting the drag queen in your school or library?

Have nothing to do with the unfruitful works or darkness, but rather expose them.  At minute 36 the Huddle discussed Ephesians 5.  We must love the victim not the perpetrator.  We’re taught to love the perpetrator, and not the victim.

“Why go to a church that feeds only the goats and never the sheep?” Asked Coach at minute 45.  “At the end of the day I want you to be asking yourself ‘Why am I not doing more?’”

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