Be the Preacher Man | Coach Dave Live | Thursday November 28, 2019

It is important to look back and honor our ancestors.  We need to be thankful for those who went before.  Many sacrificed much.

Coach talked about growing up celebrating Thanksgiving with extended family.  The day often started with rabbit hunting.

Family should be the point of Thanksgiving.  Gathering with extended family should be the priority.  The legacy we leave is important.  “You are the matriarch.  You are the patriarch.”  Said Coach.  “Be active about creating that legacy.  Build into those little ones.”

We’ve lost the legacies in your homes.  We must recover them.  We must actively work to bring our families together.

“You better go where they actively don’t want you to go.”  Recommended Coach.  “They feel convicted.”

Coach charged everyone, “Make a mark today.”

On December 10th Youtube is going to start cutting people off, cancelling channels etc.  Christians are being thrown off platforms.  “Facebook and Google are going to shut us down.”  Said Coach.  “But we’ve built our own platform.  Support us!”

The Left and Liberalism are not the same thing.  Today’s Left is not liberalism, it is socialism.  The Left promotes censorship of any idea they do not agree with.  They don’t want the voice of God to be freely spoken.

The battle is over the truth.  Truth has fallen in the streets because Christians have abandoned society.  The Left is the devil.

Muslims should not be able to practice their religion in public schools.  Christianity and Islam are incompatible.  Two cannot walk together unless they agree.

Robert Klous read from his devotional, “Finders, Keepers:  Finders of Truth, Keepers of Faith.”

Coach talked about the broken lives in his family.  There is not a strong spiritual legacy in his family.  “I was not empowered in any way to defeat sin.”  Confessed Coach.  His home was divided religiously.  His mom church hopped.  Dad was Roman Catholic.  This left him ignorant of the devil’s devices.

Coach lived 35 years without Christ.  He’s been following Jesus for 32.  He wondered aloud how best to share the wisdom he’s collected along the way.

“Share what you can and then leave it, don’t jam it.”  Said a man in the Huddle.

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