There is no unity in America. There is NONE. That is because the Church isn’t unified. We are incapable of banding together because everyone needs to have their own pulpit, because everyone is building their own kingdom. They are not building God’s Kingdom. We must work together to build GOD’s kingdom, and we’ve got to do it soon.

Truth has fallen in the streets, and there is no Justice in America. When are they going to ransack Hillary’s lawyers? When are they going to take down Podesta? When is ANY EVIL going to pay the price that must be paid? Our country has no Justice.

We have got to start playing together. WE MUST PLAY TOGETHER AND RUN THE SAME PLAYS. Here, I’ll tell you the root of the issue. Sin. Sin is the root of the issue. Good, we got that out of the way. NOW START FIGHTING IT TOGETHER. We are so divided about every. Single. Issue. It’s not hard folks.

Wake up and work together.


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