We fight over the non-essentials. All these denominations and religious organizations claiming Christianity. Why not make it about the meat and potatoes? Where do all these non-essential details come into play that only divide?

Pass the Salt is going to start ordinating ministers. Now, does that mean we make ministers? Absolutely not. You are already a minister of Christ, and we are just giving you a piece of paper that the government wants. We are simply acknowledging the call that is already on your life.

The Church has compromised on Humanism. Realize this folks, it is likely your pastor is humanist, and that’s why he won’t speak out against abortion. That’s why he won’t touch the homo problem. That’s why he won’t even talk about sin and make it real. He’s a humanist, and wants his cake and to eat it too.

We have got to wake up from the Humanist deception around us and realize what the real calling and definition of Christianity is. It’s not what we’ve been taught.

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