Coach opened the week urging his viewers to spread the word about today’s show on Facebook and talked about how folks are joining the show from all over the world.

Coach spent the weekend with LA Marzulli doing some work around Ohio.

He went over the upcoming schedule for Pass the Salt and talked about what some of the Huddle crew are doing.

Coach said, “The whole reason for these Huddles is to find people around you with whom you can fellowship.”

Don Voss talked about an evangelistic outreach at a gay pride parade in Wisconsin this past weekend.  The Word went forth through a megaphone.  The police asked them to turn the volume down thinking that would calm the crowd.  It didn’t work because the violent reaction was not about the volume.  It was about the content of the message.

Jeff Cline talked about going to homeless camps this weekend and sharing the gospel.  32 people from a local church showed up to the outreach.

Marzulli was in town with Fritz Zimmerman, who has written a book about the Mounds in Ohio.  Coach talked about the Newark Mounds which are located in Coach’s home county.

Coach played a video about Newark Ohio.  There are mounds, earthworks and roadbeds that were built by American Indians many centuries ago.  A surveyor was with Coach and Marzulli.  He said that there is no way that the Indians had the technology to build the mounds.  Coach pointed out that nobody knows.  The last time that these were surveyed was in the nineteenth century.

LA Marzulli is working to figure it out.

Matthew 24

What was it like in the days of Noah?

Coach discussed the biblical character, Enoch.  There’s a book called Enoch.  It isn’t part of the canon of scripture.  We should look at it as a history book.

The Huddle watched five minutes of a video about Enoch.

Larry pointed out that Enoch was Noah’s great grandfather and that he gave Noah 100 volumes about the “days of Noah” that Noah was to preserve through the flood.

Coach took the Huddle to the book of Enoch.  They read from Chapter 7.

Coach said, “The angels have brought down technology that they never should have brought down.”

Maybe this is the source of the technology that made it possible for the Indians to build the mounds and earthworks in Ohio.

The Huddle then discussed the evidence from the Book of Enoch and Coach’s investigations over the weekend.

Coach asked, “Why do we so quickly believe that the Hopewell Indians built the earthworks and mounds?”

Adams bloodline was being polluted by what was happening before the Flood.  The seed of the woman against the seed of the serpent.  This is why God sent the Flood … to purify the bloodline for the coming of Jesus Christ.

Dale Socia brought up the demoniac from Mark 5 and the fact that demon possession brings great power and strength.  He suggested that when groups are possessed you can have a similar increase in power etc.

Coach closed the program talking about how this builds his faith.  “We don’t BELIEVE in the supernatural.  We need to.”  Said Coach.