Is it every ok for a Christian to lie? Let’s go through this together, folks. What if your grandchild was going to be killed, would it be ok to lie to save their life? These, “Holier than thou” Christians are saying, “It’s NEVER ok to lie!!!” and yet, how would they answer that question? They would lie to save their grandchild’s life. We need to wake up and understand how the world works people. WAKE UP!

Bitcoin is rapidly becoming a popular subject. It’s what’s called a, “Cryptocurrency”. These currencies are digital, and they are given value due to an idea of, “Proof of work”. This means that they expend electricity, to process transactions, and thus generate a shareable result (The coin). They are encrypted in a way that is extremely difficult to hack, and therefore allows them to be given a great deal of trust.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. They are a new way for people to make transactions and trade value, that is not controlled by the government or any single entity. They are deemed more “Trustworthy” due to the nature of how they are designed, and therefore offer a viable alternative to standard money.

This whole system is still in it’s infancy, so do not go out and sell your home to buy Bitcoin. Realize that the genie is out of the bottle and these cryptocurrencies are something to keep an eye on in the future. Before making any investment DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. There are many scams and just plain bad investments in the cryptocurrency space, so do the research first, before making any investment decision.

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