The pastors are leading God’s people astray. There were pastors all over Kentucky, with thousands of followers, and guess how many showed up to defend the unborn? None.

These pastors are telling people that God exists to make them feel good. If you want Him enough, then He’ll come down and make you happy and bless your business and everything you do. You’ll just have the greatest life ever. What?

These pastors are lying to you and they aren’t DOING anything to promote the Kingdom of God. These pastors could’ve had over 1,000 people show up to the abortion mill in Kentucky, they didn’t. Why? They aren’t about preaching the Kingdom and they aren’t about living for Christ. They are about feeling happy, healthy, and wonderful.

There is more to Christianity than being, “Blessed”. Get with the program, get up and BE a Christian. Stop listening to your do-nothing pastor and become someone who lives for the Kingdom.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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