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The Beatitudes of Matthew 5 says, “Blessed are the peacemakers…” Donald Trump is a peacemaker. But where is his team?

The Bible says, speaking of evil Jezebel, “They cry peace, peace, where there is no peace.” Jeremiah 6

The Church is acting as a peacekeeper, instead of a peaceMAKER. We are to be peacemakers.

Our brother, Randy, wrote this: They (most churches) do not hate evil. They tolerate evil and will not offend the gates of hell.

Love speaks truth. Love cares. Love changes. Tolerance is not love. Tolerance allows everyone to be accepted without transformation. God is shooting arrows into those strongholds. The true Church is in every place where we trod. Rise up, oh men of God.

On this show and at our events, we are being coached on how to be all we can be for Christ. We need coaches!

If this show has an impact in your life, bring others in. Are you filling up a bucket in the morning, and then use what’s in the bucket? or is your bucket just sitting there not being used?

Pastors have become peacekeepers, not peacemakers. Men have been made to be docile in the pews. The six foot popsicles wearing skinny jeans are no longer men speaking for God.

We are to be under-shepherds to lead the flock, keep the flock in the flock, and to ward off evil.

We win in the end, people say. No! Jesus wins in the end. The only way we win is by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, even unto death. If we’ve been crucified with Christ, we are supposed to be dead already.

GLSEN “glisten” is infiltrating the schools with pro-sodomy “education.” They are overtaking the teaching of our young children with sex. Why? And why isn’t the Church talking about things like this? Christianity is in a sick state, that it won’t talk about the truth even in the four walls of the church.

It’s not enough to be tolerant of evil, we need to go down standing up. We need to step up and speak out, wherever God puts us. Be bold as lions!

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