Chris Keyes is a hero. He is driving his boat through Texas flood areas saving people. Yesterday he saved 50 people. By the way, he is going to trial next month for breaking the, “FACE” law at abortion clinics. This man saves people and babies, and he is facing jail time for it. Pray for Chris, he is a man of Christ and a hero for God in so many ways.

Joel Osteen is being torn apart not only by Christians, but by the world he loves so much. He has been trying to build a gospel around himself, and God is cursing Joel because of it. His love of the world has brought down God’s judgement on him, now he faces a choice. Is he going to repent, or continue down the path of destruction.

Hope. Jesus Christ is hope. Bringing hope is what Christians do. The Salt and Light Brigade is going to Texas this month to bring hope. Not only physical hope, but real hope that only comes through Jesus Christ. We are here to build the Kingdom of God, let’s start in Houston Texas. Join us, or help us, otherwise get out of the way. God’s mighty men are waking up and moving to where He is needed.

Hey, Pass the Salt.

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