Why are we losing? Because we are not fighting. Instead of being at war, we are taught that we are tiptoeing through the tulips.

Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church, acknowledges, “We’re surrounded by those who would take the life of Christ from us, if they could. Marriage, family, in a generation, first born thrown into a river of confusion, high school students are being forbidden to pray. We are on the precipice of unrecognizable evil. We’re at the tipping point. God is giving us a refuge for a time. Start praying. Repent. The nation is sliding into darkness.”

Where is the call to action? Yes, we are to read our Bibles, pray and repent, but are we to speak out against evil, or just let it roll over us? Was Jesus victorious through His death and resurrection?

We’re not wrestling in the flesh, but we ARE here in the flesh. We ARE to do something to take on unrighteousness. We are not to let Goliath kill our family. We are to do courageous things outside our comfort zone. David knew this.

Psalm 59 – David was actively engaged in the fight.  He cried out to God from the frontlines of the battle. “Save me from bloody men.”  Mighty were gathered against him. Why? Because he was out there in the fight. He needed God to intervene. David was courageous. He recognized that only God could save him.

Those who know their God will do exploits, as David did.

David Wilkerson, former pastor of Times Square Church was a man of action. He walked the streets of NYC, bringing in drug addicts to his church. He wrote the Cross and the Switchblade, which became a movie and was powerfully used by God to bring people to Himself.

Unselfish perfect love says, “Here I am, Lord, send me.” Perfect love casts out fear. We are to fight and win for Christ.

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